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Aging Clinical Trials

A listing of Aging medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find more detailed information on a research study in your area.


Found (9) clinical trials

This is a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study that evaluates the safety and efficacy of a treatment for correction of moderate to severe cellulite of the buttocks. The study involves at least 5 office visits over the course of the 3 month duration.


Aging and Mixed Perturbation Training to Reduce Falls in Locomotion

Impaired or delayed reactive postural responses pose a potential threat to falls while walking resulting in slips or trips in older and neurologically impaired individuals. Therefore, increase in understanding of postural responses to unexpected external perturbation in older adults and people with neurological diseases will lead to development of new ...

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Therapeutic Relaxation Health and Quality of Life

According to World Health Organization, life expectancy of older people continues to rise, and by 2050, the proportion of the world's population above 60 years old will nearly double, from 12% to 22%. However, living longer does not mean living healthier. So, it is urgent to promote effective interventions in ...

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The Effect of Age and Inspiratory Resistance on the Inspiratory Gas Levels While Wearing Air Purifying Respirator "

After signing the consent form, 20 healthy young subjects and 20 healthy older subjects will go through a medical examination. Subjects will be asked for their medical history especially on respiratory and cardiac diseases. All subjects will go through a spirometry test to evaluate their respiratory function. After their medical ...

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Investigating My Active and Healthy Aging

In the past decade, frailty has attracted great attention of the scientific community and public health organizations as precursor and contributor of age-related diseases. Frailty is a common clinical syndrome in older adults, affecting 7-12% of the older population, and the occurrence of frailty increases with age and may exceed ...

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Sleep and Healthy Aging Research for Depression (SHARE-D) Study

This study will use an inflammatory challenge (i.e., endotoxin) to probe acute inflammatoryand depression responses (primary outcome) in older adults as a function of insomnia. Older adults with insomnia show chronic inflammation; sleep disturbance also activates inflammatory signaling; chronic inflammation primes acute inflammatory responses; chronic inflammation, as well as acute ...


Effects of Pilates Standing Exercises on Walking Mobility and Postural Balance

Importance: Aging is characterized by numerous molecular, physiological, functional, motor and psychological changes, such as loss of postural balance and reduced muscle mass/strength. Such modifications often lead to reduced physical-functional capacity in the elderly and increased risk of falls. Currently, physical exercise is widely used to improve physical performance and ...

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Development of an ICF Core Set for Geriatric Patients in Primary Care

The systematic literature review captures the perspective of researchers on functioning of community dwelling people aged 75 years and older. Different literature databases will be searched combining search terms referring to community dwelling elderly and to functioning. Two investigators will independently screen the abstracts and titles for eligibility. In reviewing ...

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Glucocorticoid Inflammation Paradox in Human Skeletal Muscle

Healthy male and female individuals ages 60 - 80 (n=10) will be studied before and after 6 days of treatment with self-administered daily oral methylprednisolone. Subjects will report to the Texas A&M Human Clinical Research Facility (HCRF) for testing before (day 0) and after (day 6) methylprednisolone intervention. Each visit ...