Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC

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Saleh Stevens
Chief Executive Officer
Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC
6600 York Rd., Suite 104
Baltimore, MD 21212

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Therapeutic Areas

Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women’s Health)
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases


Continental Clinical Solutions is a dedicated research facility providing turnkey study sites across many therapeutic areas in late phase clinical trials. Continental is dedicated to providing quality data, recruitment fulfillment and timely trial completion through employing its founding mission: contributing to the advancement of medical science by incorporating a special focus on patient populations that are historically underrepresented in clinical research.

Continental places a high value on honoring its obligations to all of its strategic partners, including patient volunteers, sponsors and agents, the community at large and Continental’s own staff. Whether the issue is IFC or patient health, patient safety is priority number one. All Continental employees are certified and employ Good Clinical Practice for the benefit of patient health and sponsor data. Continental employees go through a thorough training process for each clinical study. This process helps to assure clean, accurate data collection and recording. In industry and academic research, Continental meets patient recruitment and fulfillment goals, data collection parameters, around-the-clock responsiveness to sponsor demands and trial closeout timelines.


The Continental Clinical Solutions staff has well over 50 years of combined clinical research experience. Our RNs, Lab Technicians, Coordinators to Investigators, Continental staff members are certified and dedicated to timely and accurate completion of each clinical study Continental undertakes. Whether high-technology data collection, EMR data portals or traditional paper records, Continental's staff adherence to protocols and trial integrity is second to none.


Continental Clinical Solutions is conveniently located near metropolitan Washington DC, commanding patient and provider access throughout the mid-Atlantic by an form of transportation. In addition to a growing database of over 35,000 patients, Continental also utilizes its community physician network and convenient location to access a mid-Atlantic population in excess of five million people. Continental also has in-patient capabilities through local partnerships. The Baltimore site is well equipped, for late phase clinical trials across most therapeutic areas. Additional site details include:


  • laboratory with centrifuges and refrigerators
  • Refrigerators for cold and warm storage
  • Climate controlled pharmaceutical storage room
  • Phlebotomy onsite
  • On and offsite data storage
  • 20° freezers
  • Central IRB capabilities
  • Patient lounge area
  • Free on-site parking
  • Monitor work area
  • Wifi and full office functionalities
  • Access to inpatient facilities
  • MRI/PET/CT partnerships
  • Public Transportation
  • Limited site transportation services

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